ProXML bvba is the linked data dedicated company started by Paul Hermans.

The team is deploying now several solutions:

Background Paul Hermans

Paul is a specialist in the field of data oriented Web standards:

He is the lead architect of ('heritage-plus'), a Belgian project aimed at disclosing all types of heritage from the provinces of Limburg and Flemish Brabant and the city of Leuven to the public by applying semantic web technology. uses RDF/XML, OWL and SKOS to describe relationships to heritage types, concepts, objects, people, place and time.

He is the technical architect and developer of the Dublin Core based metadata standard of the Dutch Government, OWMS, and of the Linked Data publication of the related vocabularies.

Paul started his IT career as the head of the electronic publishing department of CED Samsom, part of the Wolters Kluwer group. He was the founder of Pro Text bvba, a well-known SGML/XML consultancy company, being acquired by Amplexor in 2003.

He has been for years chairman of the Belgian-Luxembourgian SGML/XML User's Group and he is a fellow of the Hogenheuvelcollege, research group Informatics (LIRIS).

He speaks frequently for SAI and ITworks.