Linked Data tell more

The web is changing. In addition to a web of interlinked documents, a web of interlinked data is evolving and growing in a fast pace.
Instead of data being locked into silos, machines can now retrieve data coming from all over the web, merging previously completely disconnected datasets allowing for new information to be discovered and hence new applications to be built.

ProXML provides consultancy and services to bring your data into the Linked Data Cloud or to consume data available on the web to be integrated in your own applications.
We emphasize two important issues:

Data Quality

To enhance data quality we detect doubles, make capitalization consistent, merge similar names, split multi-valued properties, create new properties from existing properties, …

Link Density

To enhance link density, we replace text values with pointers to entities in other datasets being considered authoritative in their respective domain. We use state-of-the-art reconciliation services for this.